For over a decade now, Diana has been creating unusual photographic images which cross the boundary between photography and conventional art. She blends watercolour washes with photographs using digital software to create atmospheric, multi-layered textured images. She then prints onto fine art paper, in short print runs, normally sized A5, A4 or A3, stamped with her name and signature. 

More recently Diana has been painting, mostly in oils, sometimes layering  paintings with each other and with photographs.  She also enjoys experimenting with various printing techniques including linocut, monoprinting and collagraph, and she uses some of these to produce collages. Diana believes the creative possibilities are endless, using different papers, paints, inks and a wide variety of materials to prepare a unique piece of artwork.  Prints of some of this work are for sale in the Paint and Print gallery of the website.

Diana has had work selected by the Royal Photographic Society, and by Black Swan Arts Open several times for their annual exhibition in Frome, Somerset. In 2018 she had her first solo exhibition at Wine Street Gallery in Devizes, Wiltshire. Diana is a member of Marlborough Open Studios, a collective of artists who open their studios to visitors, every weekend during July. She has been awarded both the Licentiate and Associate Distinctions of the Royal Photographic Society.